You got questions we got answers

There are a few speakers I’m especially interested in hearing. Are speakers accessible at the Thing?

We have NO GREEN ROOM, NO BACKSTAGE they will be with you in the room. Some stay all weekend most are there the day they speak and eat meals. Be sure and get to know them.

I see a lot of speakers are going to present. Are they all going to be doing sales pitches? Do I need to set aside a budget to buy from them?

A few will have books and special offers, don’t worry this is NOT a pitch fest.

Are meals on your own or are they included in the price?

Yes, some Meals are included. 

For MAIN Thing: Breakfast is included for those staying at the Hyatt Place. Each day we have Starbucks Coffee and snacks right outside out meeting room. Dinner Friday, and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is also included.
For VIP Thing: an additional lunch on Friday and a VIP Dinner Saturday Night
For VVIP Thing: an additional lunch and Dinner are included on Wednesday.

What’s the dress code? Do I need a suit or is it come as you are?

If a suit is your thing, you do you. It’s Florida some dress comfortable and casual. Shorts and Flip Flops are totally fine. Bring a hoodie, jacket, or sweater we keep it Tony Robins cold in the meeting room.

I have an idea for a thing but I haven’t settled on what I want to do. Is there anyone I can get one-on-one time with at the conference to help me figure things out?

Absolutely! Our speakers are awesome but don’t forget our attendees are world-class leaders too!

What’s the conference day like? Is the event dawn-to-dark every day or to you let people get some sleep?

The schedule is on the site. There’s coffee for free and there is a full-service coffee shop for the fancy espresso drinkers among us. You’re gonna need a nap when you get home. It’s a value-packed weekend for sure!

I’m coming for the first time and I’m coming alone? Anyway to get to know people virtually before the conference?

Yes, we will have a private facebook group open up about a month before.

Is this a good conference to bring spouses or significant others to if they don’t have a thing?

Please do, this is a team sport!

What if I can’t make it, are there any refunds?

No. But you can watch the livestream. 

Is there a virtual option if I can’t make it in person? 

Yes, there is. We have a live stream available to those that want the content but can’t be with us in Orlando. However, do what you can to join us in person if you can. 

I’m bootstrapping my thing. Anyway I can hook up with someone who might be interested in sharing a room to save money? I don’t snore, promise!

Yes, just let us know. We will do our best to connect you with someone. Also, meet people to share shuttles and Ubers with. 

This event seems more expensive than many of the others…why is that? 

Well, the answer is two-fold it’s really expensive to create experiences like what we create at The Thing. We have good food, snacks, top-notch speakers, and some cool swag 

Secondly, we found that the event is better for everyone if everyone at the event is investing in a high level in themselves. 

When Should I arrive and depart ?

If you are doing VVIP you should do you best to arrive Tuesday by 1pm, we get started with dinner. 

If you are doing VIP you should do you best to arrive Wednesday night, we get started pretty early on Thursday

If you are doing The Main Thing  you should do you best to arrive no later than 10am on Friday Morning. 

Please don’t have a flight leaving MCO on Sunday BEFORE 9pm! 

Also we have discount Disney Park ticks so come early and stay late if you can. 

Is the conference just motivational or can I expect to come away with things I can take action on?

You are gonna leave fired up for sure! But also equipped with the tools you need to build your brand and grow your business.