Brittany Ostebo

Brittany Ostebo

Founder and CEO at Wellhouse

Brittany Ostebo is an ambitious entrepreneur from Tennessee and owner of a multi-million dollar producing, work-from-home direct sales business. A small-town girl, from small beginnings, started her journey in NY, to NC, TX and finally planted in the hills of Tennessee.  Those roots now stretch far and wide, as she pours into a community of over ten thousand people. She beautifully leads the way to show others that it’s possible to raise businesses while raising babies.  She displays how to create beauty in the messiness of motherhood and entrepreneurship. In her perfect world, shoes do not exist, her door is always open, and baby goats run freely.

In only eleven months, she built a multi-million dollar business and a six-figure income. By harnessing her superpowers of seeing the needs of others, and community building, she developed a mission to help others find healing and balance in their everyday lives.  She built a vibrant community utilizing Facebook groups and her voice online.  This was done while her husband was touring the country full-time, with a baby glued to her hip, and all of the mom duties that come with it. Raising three tiny humans, tackling the messes of motherhood and running businesses is no easy feat.  But when you have heart, vision, a strong community around you, a cozy sweater, and a good Italian espresso (okay, maybe five), all things are possible. Her gift of service and generosity, combined with her background in nonprofit work, has set her up for success.

Her transformation journey of health and wellness turned into a personal brand focused on leading others to live a life of intention and purpose, and discover wellness in all areas of their lives. Seeking peace and joy in the middle of a beautiful mess, she pursues a life of freedom.  And she discovered what happens when intentional living and passion start hanging out.  Her love of her family has brought her to continue to choose a path for freedom. She’s passionate about sharing that freedom, serving those who cross her path, and equipping others to live an intentional life.