JJ Barrows

JJ Barrows

Author, Artist & Comedian

Meet JJ Barrows, comedian, author, video editor, and a mixed media artist. Whether she’s hosting a podcast, a YouTube channel, surfing, sending goldfish in the mail, or performing, JJ stays true to her experiences; revealing the freedom a quippy sense of humor can reveal in all of us by giving breath to those gritty moments.

JJ Barrows is an artist, writer, and stand-up comedian who spends much of her comedic energy devoted to making comedic YouTube videos about her life’s foibles. She’s performed in comedy clubs, conferences, churches, and awkward dinner parties all over America. Her refreshing story-telling style relates to anyone who’s experienced the awkwardness of being a human, getting older while remaining young, and most recently the mystery that is marriage after 35 years of single-hood.

She most recently published her first book “it’s called a spade,” and filmed her first Dry Bar Comedy Special, proving to be relatable from coast to coast. When she’s not doing stand-up, you may find her performing live art, traveling with her husband (pre and post-quarantine), or spending time at home on the beaches of California, surfing, biking or crying at sunset. Life’s too beautiful not to cry.

Find more about JJ at jjbarrows.com