Katrina Stone

Katrina Stone

Artist, Entrepreneur, Songwriter

While the independent music scene in Los Angeles is vast and daunting, there are, on occasion, acts that break through the noise to prove their relevance as music moguls in the making. Katrina Stone is one of those rare talents. She has has been lauded on an international scale through scoring brand endorsements, performing on national stages like the Warped Tour, earning critical praise for her songwriting that can be heard in advertisements around the world, and even opening an indie showcase venue with her production/band partner Benj Heard.

“I like growth and I love challenges. Following some textbook idea of what it looks like to be a musician doesn’t work for me,” says Stone. “I want to have my hand in everything.” That’s the attitude that makes her a powerhouse in the City of Angels. Unlike most musicians that make the commitment to move to Hollywood, Stone meticulously organized her dreams by creating business plans that included multiple revenue streams, the creation of publishing companies, and learning a broad set of skills to increase her net worth.

One of her biggest accomplishments with her music partner Benj Heard was the idea for Maeweather Music, a venue and sound stage they built where they host concerts and parties as well as video shoots. In this space, they have been able to perform their own music with various bands they enjoy. They worked to solve the problem of too many bands crammed into a single night of music in venues throughout Hollywood. “We wanted to create a space where we have more control over the type of experience we are giving ourselves and our fans,” exclaims Stone. “We have always felt that if there is a problem with something, do it better. Who better to set up a venue than musicians?” With an endorsement from PreSonus Audio, it’s also one of the best sounding venues in L.A.

“When people sit down with me to pick my brain about how to build a career as a musician or really any creative, I ask them if they understand social media. Do they have a basic working knowledge of Photoshop? Do you know how to write an endorsement proposal? Can you negotiate? You don’t think about these things when you pick up a guitar, but it’s all part of your business,” says Stone. “All the tools you need to learn these skills are online or in your life already. I spend a fair amount of time learning how to do the things that I would normally pay 15 different people to do. I want to be self-sufficient so that my future isn’t in anyone else’s hands.” With an upcoming self-booked spring tour for her band The Likes Of Us, multiple new endorsement deals in the works, and her music being featured in ad campaigns and trailers all over the world, 2018 is looking pretty good for this songbird.